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Do you have any body art? 
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What's your favorite sport? 
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* Treated for a serious physical or mental illness? 
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  indicating dates, diagnoses and any ongoing treatments or difficulties
Please list any allergies: 
  (medications, food, hay fever, dust, etc.) and your current treatment for them (if any).
Been diagnosed with, or treated for, an addiction? 
  (alcoholism or any other drug-related addiction) If so, please provide more details, including how long you've been in recovery, if that's the case.
Do you have a temper? 
  How often do you lose your temper? What provokes you?
How do you deal with anger? 
How do you deal with someone who intimidates you? 
Last time hit, punched, kicked, or threw something: 
  please provide details
List three adjectives that best describe you: 
What political office would you most like to hold: 
Who is your hero and why: 
Accomplishment you are most proud of: 
What are you most ashamed of: 
  either now or in your past
Describe your perfect day.: 
3 items you would take into a house and why: 
Have you ever been to a nude beach? 
  If so, what was it like?
Finish this sentence: "My life's motto is…" 
Someone in your life that is deserving of honor: 
  why does this person deserve to be honored
What would you do if this show made you famous? 
What type of person would you choose to live with? 
Type of person you would NOT want to live with: 
Could you live with 12-13 people? 
  what types of things would irritate you if you lived with that many people
What would be difficult for you in the house? 
Who is your favorite supermodel? 
  …your least favorite? Explain. Who is your favorite designer?
Do you have a strategy for winning the contest? 
What do you hope to gain from winning? 
  aside from getting a modeling contract
What else would you like to tell us about yourself: 
  why you think you'd make a great participant for this show and housemate? Try to differentiate yourself and be creative!
Ever applied for and/or appeared on a show before? 
  any other reality TV shows, dating shows or game shows
What person would you most like to meet? 
Who would you most want to meet if you were famous: 
3 things you want to do/own/experience: 
  what would make your personal dreams come true
How would you describe yourself in one sentence? 
How do others describe you? 
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